Why One Dress?

Many of the girls who are trafficked only have One Dress.
We are wearing One Dress to remind us each day that wearing only One Dress is reality for these girls.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


What forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) are most common in your city?
  • Girls are exploited on the street on known corridors
  • Internet ads (craigslist;backpage.com; sipsap.com)
  • Escort Services
  • Girls are exploited by johns at motels/hotels
  • Stripping in clubs (Strokers in Clarkston, GA or Magic City in Warner Robbins)
  • Stripping in private parties in homes involving adults selling alcohol to minors and encouraging dancing around a stripper pole by the youth attending
  • Party buses.  There are rings that promote junkets in brightly decorated buses from Atlanta to Chattanooga featuring on board sexual favors from very young girls.  These are marketed to men as bachelor party concepts and to fraternites as weekend retreats.

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