Why One Dress?

Many of the girls who are trafficked only have One Dress.
We are wearing One Dress to remind us each day that wearing only One Dress is reality for these girls.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Innocence Atlanta is a campaign within the non-profit organization Meet Justice that is focused on exposing the sex slave industry and connecting like-minded organizations that can work together to eradicate child sex slavery and exploitation in Atlanta. 

Why does Innocence Atlanta exist? 
Because many of you reading this now do not even know about this facet of life, nonetheless that it takes place right here in the United States -- right here in Atlanta, Georgia.

The child sex trafficking trade runs rampant on a global scale, but is in no way confined to third world countries. It is most likely happening near your own backyard.

Atlanta, Georgia is home to phrases like "child rape", "8 year old prostitution" and "cigarette burns on her back." Phrases that most would never think to hear nor utter are the reality of thousands of small children forced to sexually service up to 15 to 20 men/women a day in Atlanta, Georgia -- in our suburbs, cities, apartments and bars.

Information was taken from Innocence Atlanta Website.

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