Why One Dress?

Many of the girls who are trafficked only have One Dress.
We are wearing One Dress to remind us each day that wearing only One Dress is reality for these girls.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In reality how are expoiters dealt with?

Many laws can apply to exploiters including: Pandering, Pimping, Kidnapping, Trafficking of persons for labor or sexual servitude, Keeping a place of prostitution, Child molestation (and many more). 

But in reality how are exploiters usually dealt with?
Federal and state law exist to facilitate the prosecution of exploiters.  According to a 2009 report from Georgia Care Connection, of the 33 children served that year, "the traffickers of 3 children are in law enforcement custody and each of these clients is assisting with the prosecution of their trafficker(s).  An additional 3 clients are assisting law enforcement in building a case against their trafficker(s).  These 6 clients equate to 18% of clients working to prosecute their exploiter."

Many traffickers recruiting and grooming very young girls operate with impunity in the state.
The following true story illustrates how offenders often elude arrest and prosecution: The DeKalb police stopped a vehicle in an area known for juvenile prostitution.  In the car were four people including a very young girl and three unrelated males.  The officer learned that the occupants of the car were unlrelated.  The driver had an outstanding warrant for a drug charge.  The young girl was a runaway.  She had a hand written list of phone numbers with men's first names with her and a cell phone at the time of arrest.  The officer took the child and the driver into custody for previously filed concerns and, seeing no ther illegal activity, let the other two go.  The girl was never interviewed by law enforcement as a victim witness because nothing aroused suspicion for the arresting officer that she may have been in forced prostitution or that these other men might have been selling or buying her for sex.  The girl was booked into juvenile detention.

Later, it is learned that the young girl was 14 and has had repeated runaways.  After an astute juvenile probabtion officer who suspects CSEC referred the case to the CEASE program based in Fulton Co Juvenile Court, the child discolsed that she has been having sexual relations with eight or more adult men for some time.

-Story found in the Introduction to CSEC created by the Georgia's Governor's Office of Children and Families.

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