Why One Dress?

Many of the girls who are trafficked only have One Dress.
We are wearing One Dress to remind us each day that wearing only One Dress is reality for these girls.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Who are the Victims?
Any individual who has received food, drugs, money or shelter in exchange for sex.

Every two minutes a child is sold as a sex slave.
Children as young as seven years old are consistently victimized, manipulated, starved, drugged and threatened into a dark hopeless realm of forced labor. Sold into prostitution and beaten unmercifully, these small children are sometimes even transacted for money by their own parents. (Innocence Atlanta)

"90 percent of runaways become a part of the commercial sex industry." - Estes and Weiner, "The commercial sexual exploitation of Children in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico

Experiencing early sexual or physical abuse puts youth at a greater risk for being sexually exploited. (Tyler, K. and K. A. Johnson 2006)

Who are the exploiters?
Exploiters are pimps, strip club owners, escort service agencies, massage parlors/brothels, johns, and in some instances family members who exploit their children.  All of those groups profit directly, as do various business owners who profit from kickbacks and business related to the commercial sex industry.

The estimated cost of child sexual abuse in the United States in $23billion annually. (The National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Expoitation 2006)

Who work with victims or children at risk in GA?
Innocence Atlanta
Foster Care
Atlanta Cares
Street Grace
CEASE, Center to End Adolescent Sexual Exploitation
Residential Homes: Victory Cottage, Angela's House, Living Water For Girls
And Many more... we will highlight different org over the course of the month

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